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Mitchell Tenpenny Releases Self-Titled EP and “Drunk Me” Debut Single on Riser House/Columbia Nashville

Nashville, TN – Singer/songwriter Mitchell Tenpenny has released his self-titled EP and debut single, “Drunk Me,” on Riser House/Columbia Nashville. The EP, which includes new and previously released music (track listing below), showcases Tenpenny’s rich, gritty, soul-infused music that is tethered in themes intrinsic to the South. Get the self-titled EP and 1st single HERE. […]


BEFORE THE FAME, BEFORE THE NATIONWIDE TOURS, BEFORE THE ‘BITCHES’…MITCHELL TENPENNY WAS JUST A KID FROM NASHVILLE WHO LIKED FOOTBALL, HARD CORE ROCK & HANGING OUT AT HIS GRANDMOTHER’S OFFICE. NASHVILLE SINCE 1989. To most musicians & songwriters, Nashville is a destination.  They drop everything, scrape together what money they have, and move to the […]


“I wanted to tell a bunch of different stories on this album, but they all had to be authentic and believable to me,” says Mitchell Tenpenny. “What I was feeling at the time, where I was in my head, what’s going on in the world, it all contributed to the end product. The songs that made it were the ones I was sure that I was passionate about getting on there—what I was proud of, what I really wanted to say.”